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Wine Trophy


Grenache  Premium

with PDO Carignan

tasting note

Las Margas stands out for the fresh and authentic Garnacha fruit that is grown within the Cariñena Protected Designation of Origin. This freshness is maintained in the careful vinification that we carry out at Bodem Bodegas, offering complexity of different fruit flavors and oriental spices, leaving a long aftertaste. Vegan red wine that offers the maximum expression and strength of Garnacha, with great depth and tremendous persistence.

We recommend serving Las Margas at 13-15º.

It is an ideal red wine to accompany great moments. Take it to your family meals, or reserve it for dinner with your favorite person. And if you don't like large crowds, we recommend you enjoy it alone as an appetizer with a good cheese and hummus. 

Try this Garnacha from the Sierra de Algairén with  vegan dishes like tofu, quinoa or a lentil dish.

Choose your favorite moment and enjoy the freshness of Las Margas!

Pairing and service


Premium Red Wine

100% Garnacha grape

Vegan Wine

How do we make Las Margas?

We work our vineyards and their vinification combining traditional methods with innovative techniques


The winemaking process is carried out in two phases:


1. One part ferments in whole clusters and with stems.

2. Another part is lightly squeezed and destemmed, undergoes a 5-day pre-fermentative maceration and ferments with native yeasts.


Las Margas ripens in three phases:

1. 25% of the wine matures in French oak barrels.

2. Another 25% matures in ovoid polyethylene tanks.

3. The remaining 50% matures in stainless steel tanks.


Our winemaker Manuel Castro will make the final blend of Las Margas during the spring.

Where to taste Las Margas?

We invite you to discover the restaurants in Zaragoza where you can enjoy a glass of Las Margas accompanied by the best gastronomy in the city.

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