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The Original Garnacha

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Directly from the heart of Sierra de Algairén which most probably is the world’s cradle and birth place of Garnacha.

An arid climate and stony soils provide what Garnacha grape needs; plenty of sun and just enough minerals. Las Margas wine reflects all of that. Warm ripe fruit driven flavors, complexity built up in several layers, the right freshness and a soft texture, producing a vibrant and generous wine.

Las Margas

100% Garnacha with DOP Cariñena

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Las Margas is produced in our new innovative winery Bodem Bodegas

It focuses on the fresh and authentic fruit of the red Garnacha grape that grows on the slopes of Sierra de Algairén,  the place where Garnacha variety was born.

The dream of Eugenie and Louis

More than 20 years ago Eugenie and Louis believed in the potential of the Cariñena region.

The wine produced from the Garnacha grape had always an important role in life, gastronomy, economy and culture.

In Bodem Bodegas we are


Garnacha Grape

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