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Welcome to #TheBirthplaceofGarnacha

Studying farming fields

we give way to good soils.

Our dream

comes true

"Mother earth is our everything and it is described by geology. It has been through geology that I as a Dutchman got in contact with Spain the first time in my life, 39 years ago. Many things impressed me; Its culture, flora, fauna, climate, and yes, its geology


Bodem, meaning "soil” in Dutch, truly symbolizes the origin of this winery raised and funded by the family Geirnaerdt-van Ekeris. After more than 30 years living and working for Spanish wine, the Dutch family finally found in Cariñena the place where they really feel connected to. That's why this is not only a winery but a firm commitment to Spanish wine, to the Garnacha grape and ultimately, to a dream."


The Original Garnacha


In the heart of

Sierra de Algairén

Cariñena is the great unknown outside Spain; the forgotten cradle and birth place of Garnacha grape. Its arid climate and stony soils provide what this grape needs; plenty of sun and just enough minerals.


Vineyards: 7 ha in ownership and control over 55 ha of local-family-owned vineyards located in Valdejalón within the heart of Sierra de Algairén which most probably is the world’s cradle and birth place of Garnacha grape.

Climate: Continental - cold winters and hot summers with a radical contrast between daytime and night-time temperatures. A strong dry wind called “el Cierzo” contributes to the climate’s dryness, keeping the vines free of many pests.

Soils: soils are made of "Margas". It is a type of soil that lies over calcareous bedrock in Sierra de Algairén.

Winemaking style: grape-centered vinification. Wines elaborated with traditional criteria using autochthonous grape varieties.

Capacity: 1.6 million liters.

Bordeaux Sciences Agro


Bodem Bodegas and Bordeaux Sciences Agro University join their knowledge in a new adventure.

The vineyards where Las Margas rises up

Wild, arid and eroded soils where the elegant Garnacha finds out its petite paradise. Garnacha has grown in Cariñena even before the 3rd century b.C. The region is the great unknown outside Spain; the forgotten cradle and birth place of Garnacha grape.  

Bio control and hand cultivation

Avg. altitude between 450 and 725 meters


Family vineyards owned by local winegrowers


Selected vineyards in Sierra de Algairén


Controlled yielding, always under 8,500 kg /Ha

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