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Return policy

Those unopened bottles of wine will be subject to return within the next 14 calendar days from receipt of the product. Defective wines will be exchanged for other wines of equal or greater value than the defective item. (As long as the terms and conditions explained below are met).

If you have bought too much wine
The correct storage of Bodem Bodegas wines is crucial to maintain their quality. Not being able to control the correct storage and preservation of the product, BODEM BODEGAS S.L. is not responsible for items that are in poor condition due to the consequences of improper storage. No changes or returns of products will be accepted after 14 calendar days have elapsed from the receipt of the product.

If you have bought a faulty wine
If you open one of the bottles bought at Within the following 14 calendar days after receiving the product and verifying that the wine is defective or in poor condition, BODEM BODEGAS S.L. You agree to exchange that bottle of wine for another product of equal or greater value. The value of the return will be calculated based on the amount paid for the defective product and not by the value of the product on the day of return. If you want said product to be exchanged for another of greater value, you must pay the difference in price as well as the fees, taxes and shipping costs derived from the return.

BODEM WINERIES S.L. declares that it cannot control the state of conservation of the product and its correct storage once the wine leaves the winery facilities of BODEM BODEGAS S.L. Changes and returns will only be accepted within 14 calendar days following the day of receipt of the wine, as long as the return or change claim is accompanied by proof of payment.

How to return the products
Return your defective bottles to Bodem Bodegas (Carretera Z-V-1201 km 0.3, 50108 Almonacid de la Sierra, Spain) within the following 14 calendar days from receipt of the product together with proof of payment. If your wines have been sent by courier service, contact us at (+34) 976 78 01 36 to find the best return option.

How we refund your money
Refunds for defective items will be made using the same payment method with which the purchase was made.

Carretera Z-V-1201 km 0.3, 50108 Almonacid de la Sierra, (Spain)
Telephone: 976 78 01 36

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