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Our winery has the sustainability seal

Bodem Bodegas has been endorsed by the ECO-PROWINE seal, as it has an above-average production process in terms of sustainability, and the quality of its wine continues to be excellent.

The sustainable production of wine, from the grape to the bottle, is defined as the capacity for continuous improvement, in the path of minimizing emissions
contaminants and the consumption of non-renewable resources, towards an economy
circular and socially responsible.

The objective of ECO-PROWINE is to offer an evaluation and comparison framework as a guide to reduce the environmental impact in the sector
of the wine without diminishing the quality of the final product.



Prevention of climate change in the vineyard and in the winery

1.  Vorganic vineyard and regenerative viniculture.

2.  Optimize and reduce water management.

3.  Bet 100% on energy efficiency / renewable energy.

4.  Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

5.  Waste reduction.

Our Sustainability values

Zero Impact

Our production process seeks a zero impact on the environment, reducing CO2 emissions as well as the annual consumption of thermal energy.

Respectful with the terroir

The soil we cultivate plays a great role, let's respect it as the main actor in our history, applying techniques that seek sustainability in the vineyard.

Vegan Wines

Our wines are completely vegan, the result of a production process that has not used any product from animal exploitation

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